What is the erectile dysfunction?

A reduced potency or poor potency is the word that may frighten every man. The might of the potency depends on the congenital strength, men's health, alcohol, and of course on relations with the loved one. And, in fact, the potency is a mirror of the general health. It is clear that under the conditions of malnutrition and bad ecology even a man with good natural instincts will not be able to demonstrate such potency as living in more favorable conditions. Unfortunately, until now the majority of men measure their potency only by estimating the physical parameters - the size of the genitals, sexual intercourse frequency or duration, and the speed of their erection. And of course, nowadays the potency is defined as the ability to satisfy woman appetites.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is also known as impotence and is the inability to get erection, or one gets it but cannot maintain it. It's much more common than people realise as most men experience it at some time in their life. It only becomes a problem when the man or his partner considers it a problem.

It's High Time for You to Change Your Life

What can be easier and more comfortable than buying pills on the Internet? Especially when you need to stay anonymous, or you are just ashamed of your temporary problem. The ED can deteriorate the life of every man, and you aren't the exception. We insist on saying that the ED is a temporary problem and we are ready to help you with it. Today, pharmacies can offer you a lot of the formulas of Cialis production. The pills that can help to solve all your problems. Every day they receive hundreds of requests and hundreds of positive reviews. It makes them confident and encourages them because they do our best to join you in your personal struggle. Cialis Tadalafil belongs to the group of medicines called PDE5 inhibitors. It is an almond-shaped tablet that is available in different doses of 10mg, 20mg, 40mg or 60mg. It is an oral treatment. Mind that it is not an aphrodisiac and does not increase sexual desire.


An erection will only occur if there is prior sexual stimulation. So, don't mind the trap surfing other online pharmacies that can deceive you just to earn money. The maximum dose is one tablet per day. The usual dose is 20mg but in some cases your doctor may recommend starting with 10mg. The pill should be taken whole before the intended sexual activity. The time it takes to start the effect depends on each person. After about 30 minutes, 50% of men get an erection with the help of sexual stimulation. The ability to respond to sexual stimulation lasts up to 36 hours. This response period will allow you to distance yourself from taking medicine and sexual activity. During these time intervals, the erection will take place if there is an erotic stimulus that propitiates it, and will disappear after ejaculation or cessation of sexual activity.

Spontaneity is very important for a successful sexual relationship: with your new treatment, you are not required to schedule sexual activity around the medication, since you can have sexual intercourse after 30 minutes and up to 36 hours just after its intake. For example, you take a pill on Friday afternoon and the effect lasts until Sunday morning. Is it suitable for you? You can spend your weekends enjoying your sexual partner.

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