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Our focus is to provide cost effective medical solutions to health issues that are an economic burden for the healthcare community by utilising advanced synthetic protein technologies. This drive is lead by an experienced team with the diverse skill set required for successful product development and commercialisation in todays healthcare landscape.

Professor Keith Harding

Independent Scientific Advisor

Graduated in medicine from the University of Birmingham before undertaking training in surgery and family medicine. In 1991 he became Director of Wound Healing Research Unit at the University of Wales, College of Medicine in Cardiff. Professor Harding is widely published and a prolific presenter at scientific and clinical wound care conferences, and has devised and managed many clinical wound care product trials for large international health care companies.

Professor Robert Baxter

Independent Scientific Advisor

Director of the Kolling Institute of Medical Research at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, advises the Board as its Independent Scientific Advisor. Professor Baxter is also Head of Molecular Medicine at the University of Sydney and a leading expert in proteins that regulate cell growth and metabolism, the insulin-like growth factors and their binding proteins. He was the first to identify several of these proteins and to devise methods of measuring them.

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