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How to choose Cialis provider

A person considering generic or brand name Cialis should consult with their doctor to determine the best version and dosage for them and get a prescription. They may want to research the company to make sure they are behaving ethically and selling quality products.

How to take Cialis

Cialis is available in tablet form, which can be taken regardless of meals. People with erectile dysfunction should take this medicine at least 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. They can also take it once a day. People should not take more than one pill in a 24-hour period. The on-demand dose is 10 or 20 mg, and the daily dose is 2.5 or 5 mg. People should always follow their doctor's instructions when taking this type of medicine. The doctor may recommend increasing or decreasing the dose depending on how the person's body responds to the treatment. Also, people should take Cialis at about the same time each day. A daily dosage may be appropriate for people who have frequent intercourse or prefer more spontaneity.

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How to get Cialis or tadalafil online?

A person can purchase brand name tadalafil or generic tadalafil online from a reputable telemedicine provider. The process usually involves filling out an online assessment, a virtual consultation, and prescription delivery.

Is it safe to buy Cialis online?

The FDA warns that some online pharmacies are not trustworthy providers. A person should always check reviews and recognize the signs of a reputable virtual pharmacy. According to the FDA, online pharmacies are likely safe if they: require a doctor's prescription, are headquartered in the U.S. and provide a physical address and phone number in the country, work with licensed pharmacists or physicians, and are licensed by the state board of pharmacy.

Can anyone buy Cialis over the counter?

Cialis is only available by prescription. Some online pharmacies can provide prescriptions if the customer does not already have one. A person does not need to see a doctor in person to get a prescription for Cialis. However, when using telemedicine services, they will still need to consult a doctor to get a prescription.

How do I make sure I'm getting the real Cialis?

Cialis is offered by various online pharmacies. Make sure the company meets the following criteria: has positive reviews, works with licensed doctors, offer medical consultations, can legally write prescriptions.

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